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Jeremy Castle on Religion and Voting Behavior

How does religious messaging affect voter attitudes towards a candidate? Prof. Jeremy Castle (Central Michigan University) discusses some experimental research he conducted on this topic with a number of colleagues and shares observations on a wide range of factors that affect how individuals vote. We discuss the political and social attitudes of Millennial evangelicals, and how religious rhetoric played out during the 2016 presidential election. Jeremy also chats about his work on whether or not political messages in movies have an impact on individuals.

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Joe Fuiten on Clergy & Politics

Should clergy members be involved in the political arena? Pastor Joe Fuiten of Cedar Park Church in Bothell, WA talks about his experience at the intersection of religion and politics. Our discussion covers a broad range of topics including government taxation, participation in campaigns, and how parishioners respond to the political views of their pastors. (To download, right click on the button to the right and choose “save target as….”)

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