Joe Fuiten on Clergy & Politics
Date: July 19th, 2010

In a follow up to our earlier podcast with Erik Stanley regarding clergy and free speech, Tony talks with Pastor Joe Fuiten of Cedar Park Church (Bothell, WA) about his involvement in the political arena.  This podcast provides an interesting view on whether, how and why members of the clergy should be politically outspoken.  Pastor Fuiten discusses his early interest in politics and his eventual call to the ministry.  We then turn our discussion to the issue of taxation, realizing that one of the reasons often mentioned for clergy avoiding politics is the “tax-exempt status” of churches.  Pastor Fuiten covers the various ways he has been involved in politics, including in campaigns for candidates and voter iniatives, and how his parishioners have responded to his political involvement.  Our guest provides his thoughts on the recent political changes in America over the past decade.  Recorded: May 17, 2010.


Pastor Fuiten’s website.

Cedar Park Church website.


Erik Stanley on Clergy & Free Speech

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