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Jonathan den Hartog on the Spiritual & Political Life of John Jay

With Independence Day quickly approaching, we once again take a look at the role of religion in shaping America’s Founding. Historian Jonathan den Hartog surveys the life, times, and influence of John Jay, one of the “forgotten Founding Fathers.” With a spiritual mix of French Prostantism and Anglicanism, we follow Jay through various phases of his life including his role during the struggle for independence, the tumultuous crafting of a new federal government, his time in public service, and his life in building civil society. Jay’s life provides a number of interesting insights that are still relevent for political and civic engagement today. Show off your impressive knowledge of this intriguing character at your Fourth of July celebration.

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Tony Carnes on Jesus’s Auto Body (and Soul) Shop, Blessed Pizza, and NYC Religions Part II

A hat shop in Harlem that dispenses spiritual advice. A circle of Korean limo drivers holding Bible studies. An auto body repair shop named after Christianity’s savior. All of this stuff, and more, can be found in New York City and Tony Carnes has been on a mission to find this and document it. Following up on previous interview about Carnes’s project “A Journey Through New York City Religions,” we delve into some of the interesting, surprising, and sometimes unusual details of what constitutes NYC’s spiritual lifeblood. We go over some of the meta-trends as well as looking at the fine details. A fun and informative look at the post-secular city.

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Timothy Dalrymple on Religion, Sports, and Jeremy Lin

What role does faith play in the realm of elite athletics? Dr. Timothy Dalrymple shares his life story as a championship-caliber gymnast (winning a national title at age 15 and the NCAA with Stanford University in 1995) and also talks about his new book on Jeremy Lin, the underdog basketball phenomenon who took America by storm in 2012. Tim discusses the highs and lows of being a dedicated competitor and how his faith helped him through this journey. He also reveals what happened to him spiritually when he broke his neck in a gymnastic accident just before the 1996 Olympic tryouts. We use this discussion to help us understand the fascinating emergence of Jeremy Lin, who led the New York Knicks on an incredible seven game winning streak in February 2012 despite coming off the bench. We talk about the role that religion plays in Jeremy’s life and compare and contrast the media reaction to him with that being given to Tim Tebow (former Bronco quarterback now playing the NY Jets). We finish with some thoughts on what Christians in sports have to say about the state of American Christianity in general.

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