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R.R. Reno on Pop(e) Francis

We kick off the new year with a look at Pope Francis and why he has been so enormously popular. Dr. Rusty Reno, editor of “First Things,” provides his impression of the first two years of the Jesuit from Argentina and the way he resembles his namesake, Francis of Assisi. Rusty points out the “way of poverty” and “the way of literalism” are important aspects of this pontiff’s style, as well as a penchant for provocative comments. We also chat about the challenging task of reforming the Curia and why an outsider is important.

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Timothy Dalrymple on Religion and Sports

Being that it is Super Bowl week, the mid-point of the NBA season, and with the Winter Olympics just around the corner, we are re-running one of our favorite interviews featuring Timothy Dalrymple discussing the relationship between religion and sports. When athletes point their fingers skyward to thank the Lord following a great play, what are they really doing? Based on his own experience as a world-class gymnast sidelined by a traumatic neck injury, Timothy covers the life of an elite athlete and adds to the story his experience with basketball phenomenon Jeremy Lin.

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Jeremy Lott on the Media’s Pope-O-Rama

How well did the popular media do in covering the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the Conclave of Cardinals, and the election of Francis I? We talk with RealClearReligion editor Jeremy Lott who has a unique vantage point when it comes to answering this question. As a Catholic, a writer, and a news aggregator, Jeremy provides some very interesting insights into what he calls “pope-o-rama,” the media frenzy surrounding events at the Vatican over the past six months. He offers up a very prescient observation about a bear and a backpack, plus he reminds us of a few other stories that flew under the radar when all eyes were fixed on Rome.

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Timothy Dalrymple on Religion, Sports, and Jeremy Lin

What role does faith play in the realm of elite athletics? Dr. Timothy Dalrymple shares his life story as a championship-caliber gymnast (winning a national title at age 15 and the NCAA with Stanford University in 1995) and also talks about his new book on Jeremy Lin, the underdog basketball phenomenon who took America by storm in 2012. Tim discusses the highs and lows of being a dedicated competitor and how his faith helped him through this journey. He also reveals what happened to him spiritually when he broke his neck in a gymnastic accident just before the 1996 Olympic tryouts. We use this discussion to help us understand the fascinating emergence of Jeremy Lin, who led the New York Knicks on an incredible seven game winning streak in February 2012 despite coming off the bench. We talk about the role that religion plays in Jeremy’s life and compare and contrast the media reaction to him with that being given to Tim Tebow (former Bronco quarterback now playing the NY Jets). We finish with some thoughts on what Christians in sports have to say about the state of American Christianity in general.

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