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Matt Boswell on Redemption Church, One Year Later

One year ago, we interviewed Pastor Matt Boswell who was part of a small team that created a church in one week’s time. We return to the scene of our initial interview to see what has changed over the course of the year. This is a fascinating interview that provides insights into how churches grow and change. We tackle a wide range of topics including how church’s maintain attendance and enthusiasm, why more people are getting married on water skis, what pastors learn from visiting other churches, why popcorn buckets may or may not be a good thing for collecting tithes, and Matt’s theory of pacifism. Plus, Tony reveals his biggest fear in church. Interested in how church’s operate? This podcast is for you!

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Ron Mock on Pacifism, War, and Terrorism

In light of the eleventh anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks and recent assaults on US diplomatic missions overseas, we explore the topic of Christian pacifism in the face of terrorism with Prof. Ron Mock of George Fox University. To exploare the roots and extent of his pacifist beliefs, we ask Prof. Mock whether or not he would have fought during the American War of Independence, which in turn leads to a discussion of his own pacifist background. We then discuss a number of philosophical issues related to pacificism in the abstract and the apply them to the topic of terrorism, discussion why Prof. Mock believes that the recent actions of the US (including drone strikes) have been counter-productive and what strategy would be more appropriate. This podcast was recorded on September 14, 2012.

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Timothy Dalrymple on Religion, Sports, and Jeremy Lin

What role does faith play in the realm of elite athletics? Dr. Timothy Dalrymple shares his life story as a championship-caliber gymnast (winning a national title at age 15 and the NCAA with Stanford University in 1995) and also talks about his new book on Jeremy Lin, the underdog basketball phenomenon who took America by storm in 2012. Tim discusses the highs and lows of being a dedicated competitor and how his faith helped him through this journey. He also reveals what happened to him spiritually when he broke his neck in a gymnastic accident just before the 1996 Olympic tryouts. We use this discussion to help us understand the fascinating emergence of Jeremy Lin, who led the New York Knicks on an incredible seven game winning streak in February 2012 despite coming off the bench. We talk about the role that religion plays in Jeremy’s life and compare and contrast the media reaction to him with that being given to Tim Tebow (former Bronco quarterback now playing the NY Jets). We finish with some thoughts on what Christians in sports have to say about the state of American Christianity in general.

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Daniel Stiles on Cowboy Churches

While our recording studio gets a major upgrade, and with your host taking a short break, we bring you one of our all-time favorite episodes that aired in 2011. Get your yee haw on as we go West to discuss cowboy churches. Daniel Stiles, rodeo announcer and ordained minister, discusses his life ministering to cowboys and cowgirls. We talk bull riding, cowboy pride, the challenges of living in the country, and how the cowboy church movement has expanded since the late 1970s. Dan also relates a remarkably inspirational story how cowboy ministries made a difference in the life of one young man who was down and out. The podcast finishes with an outstanding observation about Christianity and life in the US from the vantage point of the countryside. (Special secret: This has been my favorite interview to date.)

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