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Phoenix Moomaw on Ronald Reagan’s Faith (Our 250th Episode!)

For our annual Fourth of July episode, and for our 250th podcast, we invite our very first “just graduated” high school student, Phoenix Moomaw, to discuss his senior project on the faith of President Ronald Reagan. As the grandson of Reagan’s pastor in Southern California, Phoenix came across several folders of personal letters between Reagan (as governor and president) and his grandfather. He uses these letters and some additional research at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley to determine how much Reagan’s faith affected his policies and style of governing. His answer to this question is surprisingly nuanced.

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Kimberly Conger on Being Christian in Secular Academia

What is it like to be a practicing Christian in the world of secular academia? While many Christian professors teach at religiosly-based universities where public profession of faith is either encouraged or expected, Christian academics working in state colleges and universities operate under a different set of constraints. Kimberly Conger of Colorado State University shares her thoughts with Tony based upon a set of panels at the most recent Christians in Political Science conference at Gordon College. We discuss whether or not there exists strong biases against Christian professors, how one deals with students both in the classroom and during office hours, and how one’s faith affects research.

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