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Jeremy Lott on America’s Shifting Religious Election Coalition

What hath Election 2012 wrought? We examine the 2012 presidential campaign with RealClearReligion editor and author Jeremy Lott who recently published a free e-book on the shifting electoral coalitions that we are observing this campaign season. Jeremy notes that religious coalitions are shifting in such a way that the US party system is starting to resemble the European system with one party being “religion friendly” while the other is becoming wholly secular. President Obama’s faith is examined and how the perception of his religiosity among the population has posed a problem for him. We then look at how Catholics are (or may be) starting to realign their partisan loyalties away from the Democratic Party to the Republicans. How has Mitt Romney managed this shift? We examine his choice of Paul Ryan, a Catholic, as a running mate and whether or not evangelicals will be spooked by Romney’s Mormon faith. This interview was recorded on October 15, 2012, before the second presidential debate.

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Gary Friesen on Christian Reconciliation Services and Peacemaker Ministries

What happens when a congregation or a denomination finds itself beset with conflict? Who you gonna call? Tony invites Gary Friesen, executive vice-president of Peacemaker Ministries, to explore the world of Christian reconciliation services. Peacemaker Ministries is a non-profit organization that has been at the forefront of providing third-party conflict resolution services for religious groups and also provide training services for clergy and laity to avoid or de-escalate conflict on their own using biblical principles. This is a fascinating look at what happens when things don’t always go smoothly in church.

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