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Jim McGuffey on Church Security (encore presentation)

In light of the horrific church shooting in South Carolina recently, we present a previously released episode related to one aspect of this news story: church security. While not the only angle to examine recent events from, the issue of church security has been one point of discussion.

Our prayers and condolences go out to all those affected by the events in Charleston.

Jim McGuffey on Church Security

In the wake of several highly publicized shootings, we look at how safe churches are, and what they can do to improve their safety, with Jim McGuffey, and independent security consultant who specializes in church security. We not only look at how exposed houses of worship are exposed to violence, but also examine other more common forms of crime including arson, vandalism, and embezzlement. Mr. McGuffey leads us through a quick security assessment and provides a couple tips for enhancing church security. The reasons for why churches often ignore such measures is examined.

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Gary Friesen on Christian Reconciliation Services and Peacemaker Ministries

What happens when a congregation or a denomination finds itself beset with conflict? Who you gonna call? Tony invites Gary Friesen, executive vice-president of Peacemaker Ministries, to explore the world of Christian reconciliation services. Peacemaker Ministries is a non-profit organization that has been at the forefront of providing third-party conflict resolution services for religious groups and also provide training services for clergy and laity to avoid or de-escalate conflict on their own using biblical principles. This is a fascinating look at what happens when things don’t always go smoothly in church.

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