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Jim Houser on the Christian Music Industry

What is it like to work in the contemporary Christian music industry and how has that business changed over the last few decades? We talk with Jim Houser, a managing partner at Creative Trust who manages such artists as Steven Curtis Chapman and Brandon Heath, about his experiences in the industry, focusing on his day-to-day activities, the challenges he and his artists face on the road, and how the music industry has changed in response to the digital music revolution. We also talk about the unique way in which Steven Curtis Chapman arranges his concerts.

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Robert Coote on the 27 Most Popular Hymns & Amazing Grace

What are the top mainline Protestant hymns of the past two centuries? Why isn’t “Amazing Grace” on that list? Do Catholics share any common hymns with Protestants? Does the contemporary Christian music scene present a significant challenge to the old, traditional hymns sung in churches over the past two centuries? Robert T. Coote joins us to discuss these questions and more in an extremely interesting episode about the role of hymns in Christianity.

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