Jim Houser on the Christian Music Industry
Date: November 7th, 2011

What is it like to work in the contemporary Christian music (CCM) industry and how has that business changed over the last few decades?  Jim Houser, managing parter at the music division of Creative Trust, discusses his role in the CCM business and how it has changed over the years.  We start by talking about how Jim entered into the music industry and how he worked his way over to Creative Trust where he manages such artists as Steven Curtis Chapman, Brandon Heath and CALEB.  Jim then tells us about his daily, weekly, and annual activities in managing these artists.  We talk about the difficulties that he and his clients face when they are on the road and how they overcome such challenges.  Our conversation then turns to a discussion of how the CCM industry has changed over the past three decades, with particular respect to how artists and managers have tried to adjust to the digital music and file sharing revolution.  We also talk about the variety of Christian music sub-genres (e.g., metal, punk) and how the industry has accomodated these new forms of expression and the challenges faced by “crossover” artists who make music that reaches a more secular audience.  Our conversation finishes with a discussion of Steven Curtis Chapman’s most recent tour and how it is structured, as well as the adoption charity he founded – Show Hope.  Jim also provides us with “coming attractions” for a couple of the artists he manages.  Public disclosure: Tony likes listening to Steven Curtis Chapman music.  Recorded: November 1, 2011.



Creative Trust, Inc. Entertainment & Literary Management.

Steven Curtis Chapman’s site at CT and official website.

Brandon Heath’s site at CT and official website.

Lindsay McCaul site at CT and official website.

Britt Nicole site at CT and official website.

CALEB site at CT and official website.

MIKESCHAIR site at CT and official website.

Show Hope, an adoption charity founded by Steven and Mary Beth Chapman.


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