Scott Thompson on Youth Ministry
Date: January 23rd, 2012

Are the kids alright?  Scott Thompson, the youth pastor at Redemption Church in Duvall (WA), says “Yes! The kids are alright!”  And so begins our discussion of what it takes to minister to kids as they move through their teen years.  Tony presses Scott to explain why he was drawn to this particular type of ministry and in doing so we learn about Scott’s upbringing and how he eventually became involved as a youth minister by his late 30s, making it a paid career by his late 40s.  Our conversation then turns to why youth programs tend to change as students enter their “middle school” years (roughly age 11 – 13) and how older teen groups are also different.  Scott reveals a number of the challenges facing individuals in this age range, but through surveying and talking with kids has found that their biggest concern is how they appear to their peers; building and maintaining friendships among kids their age often trumps other serious issues that they may be facing at shool or home.  Scott then details some of the ways that Redemption Church’s two youth ministries — one for middle schooler and the other for high schoolers — works with students.  We discuss the importance of volunteers, weekly meetings, fun weekend outings, and summer camps.  Scott reveals what goes on during a typical Wednesday evening youth group.  In addition to fun socializing activities and a general discussion session (or sermon), youth are put into small discussion groups to reflect upon that week’s message in relation to their own lives.  We also find out about some of the more popular weekend events such as sleeping on the streets of Duvall and “ice blocking.”  Scott shares the general ideas that motivate these events and recounts some of the more memorable moments he has had.  We also discuss the role of parents in youth ministry and discuss some of the legal protections a church needs in working with youth.  Finishing up the interview we have a special guest — Victor Gill — who gives us an idea what a youth ministry looks like from the eyes of an eleven year old.  Recorded: December 6, 2011.


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