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Tracy McKenzie on the First Thanksgiving (Annual Encore)

We are taking an extended sabbatical to catch up with other academic-related work and to try to improve some issues with our audio files. In the meantime, enjoy this encore presentation with Tracy McKenzie (Wheaton) on a very seasonal topic — The First Thanksgiving. We hope to return shortly with some new episodes and fresh content, but until then please feel free to dip into our extensive archives that now contain over 350 unique episodes, nearly one for every day of the year!

Tracy McKenzie on The First Thanksgiving (Encore Presentation)

Do you want to sound extra smart around the holiday dinner table? Check out our encore presentation of Tracy McKenzie discussing his book “The First Thanksgiving” (originally recorded in 2012). We separate the fact from fiction, and take you back to the time of the Pilgrims as well as discuss how the holiday evolved over time.

While you are passing the pumpkin pie, please let your family and friends know about our educational delicacies as well!

Tracy McKenzie on the First Thanksgiving

Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, Prof. Tracy McKenzie (Wheaton College) takes us on a tour of the world of the Pilgrims who landed in Plymouth. We discover who they were, how they worshipped and the interesting (not commonly known) history of The “First” Thanksgiving. More than just a “grade school” understanding of this American tradition, Prof. McKenzie challenges Christians to engage in a deeper understanding of their own history. This interview will make for great conversational tidbits around the dinner table!

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