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Ron Hassner on Religion on the Battlefield

While many scholars have focused on religious motivations for war and conflict, few have looked at how day-to-day rituals affect combat operations on the battlefield. That is, until now. Prof. Ron Hassner (UC-Berkeley) returns for his third visit to the show to discuss his new book “Religion on the Battlefield.” We learn about how sacred space, sacred time, and seemingly mundane religious practices can play a role in motivating, provoking, inhibiting, and exploiting various actions during wartime. We also talk about the role of military chaplains.

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Ron Hassner on Religion in the Military

How do armed forces around the world accommodate religious beliefs and practices into the rigorous structure that is often required for combat operations? Prof. Ron Hassner of UC-Berkeley surveys a number of the critical areas where the management of belief and practice can become difficult for military commanders. We discuss cases in the United States, India, Israel, Japan, Canada, and Iran.

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Robert Kinnune on Military Chaplains

In this special episode in honor of Memorial Day in the United States, we talk with Major Robert Kinnune, an Army chaplain stationed at Joint Base Lewis McCord in Washington State. His discusses his career path in the military, bringing him to a decions 12 years into being an engineer to become a military chaplain. We review what his day was like leading up to this nighttime interview and cover the particular challenges of being a military chaplain throughout the “life cycle” of a soldier — from basic training (boot camp) to retirement. A nice episode to garner a greater appreciation for those who serve in the armed forces.

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