Michael Boone’s Spiritual 40 Day Road Trip
Date: September 4th, 2016

Imagine you go into atrial fibrillation and the doctors tell you that they will be back in a few minutes to “put the paddles on you” after the anesthesia takes effect.  It will likely be okay, but something might go wrong.  What goes through your mind during those two or three minutes?  For Michael Boone, founder of MWBoone & Associates (now Boone Wealth Advisors, LLC), he started thinking “motorcycle road trip through the Western United States,” of course!  Fortunately for our podcast, Michael came through the paddles just fine and after a few years of getting around to it, he took off into the “wilderness” for 40 days on a spiritual journey.  He recounts the motivations for, experiences of, and lessons from this journey.   We start with some discussion about his spiritual and professional background, and what it is like to be a devout Christian in the rough-and-tumble world of financial consulting.  Adam Smith makes an appearance in our chat, as does Matthew (the guy from the New Testament).  Michael then talks about his “moment of insight” lying on the hospital gurney and how this helped him to reshuffle his priorities.  Mike explains why forty days was chosen for the trip, noting its religious significance in both the Old and New Testaments.  And then it is off down the driveway on his motorcycle.  He notes that he gave himself permission to fail — notably come back home at any time — but he never did turn around for the duration of the trip.  He started with no reservations (literally … no hotel reservations) and just went where the spirit (Spirit) took him, taking life as it came to him.  We meet a couple of characters, including Maria who he ended up helping out of the wilderness, and one of his friends to was undergoing a heart transplant as Mike’s trip came to a close.  This odyssey was literally and figuratively a journey of the heart.  Our discussion also entails an epiphany Tony has about how barstools are arranged.  Certain themes of the trip are discussed, including the importance of “letting go,” discomfort, freedom, and (perhaps most importantly) Sabbath.  Mike notes that Sabbath is not just about relaxing, but is really about “stopping,” which can be uncomfortable.  We discuss some of the lessons other folks might pull from Mike’s experiences and he gives us some indication of what the future holds after learning new lessons.  Recorded: August 16, 2016.



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