Thomas Kidd on the Pilgrims (Encore Presentation)
Date: November 23rd, 2014

While Tony is on a short break, we dip into the archive to bring you an encore presentation for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, Prof. Thomas Kidd (Baylor University) returns to our podcast series to cover the history of a group of religious dissenters known as the Pilgrims.  After Tony attempts to recite a rather famous poem about the Pilgrims, we explore the roots of this group dating back to the English Reformation and how dissent within the Church of England in the 16th century set a group of individuals from Scrooby, England on a journey that would eventually land them on Plymouth Rock.  We follow the Pilgrims to the Netherlands and talk about their experiences there and discuss the reasons why they were able to obtain a charter for settlement in the North American colonies of Britain.  Prof. Kidd details the importance of the Mayflower Compact and what life was like for settlers in a new land, including a tangential discussion on the importance of beer to the Puritans.  (You will want to hear how brewing was beneficial to the Puritans and why the Puritans were not as prudish as one might think.)  We finish our podcast with Prof. Kidd’s thoughts on the legacy of the Pilgrims for American development and a brief history of the holiday we have come to know as Thanksgiving.  This podcast serves as a great introduction or review of the Pilgrims for high schoolers and homeschoolers and we encourage you to bring it to the attention of all those who might be interested.  Prof. Kidd is associate professor of history at Baylor University, senior fellow at Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion, and co director of Baylor’s Program on Historical Studies of Religion.  Recorded: October 5, 2010.


Prof. Thomas Kidd’s website.

Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion and Program on Historical Studies of Religion.

The Great Awakening: The Roots of Evangelical Christianity in Colonial America by Thomas Kidd.

God of Liberty: A Religious History of the American Revolution by Thomas Kidd.

The Protestant Interest: New England after Puritanism by Thomas Kidd.


Thomas Kidd on the Great Awakening.

Tracy McKenzie on the First Thanksgiving.

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  1. […] Thomas Kidd on the Pilgrims – This was a pretty good podcast on the background of the pilgrims (separatists / puritans) that established the colony coming off of the Mayflower (53 minutes): […]

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