Proselytism, Social Stability, and Development: A Panel Discussion
Date: March 15th, 2015

Is religious proselytism equivalent to cultural genocide?  What social and political implications does evangelization have on societies around the world? And how does the state regulate individuals who seek to convert others to their faith?  While the staff and crew at Research on Religion take a short break to complete other academic commitments, we offer you a panel discussion recently held by the Religious Freedom Project of Georgetown University’s Berkeley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs.  Prof. Allen Hertzke (University of Oklahoma) moderates a conversation among Brian Grim (Religious Freedom & Business Foundation), Prof. Ani Sarkissian (Michigan State University), and Hans Ucko (Religions for Peace International).  They address these questions and many others.  The discussants reference other panels that occurred earlier in the day, which can be found at the link below.  Recorded: March 4, 2015.



Sharing the Message? Proselytism and Development in Pluralistic Societies from the Religious Freedom Project.

Allen Hertzke’s bio at RFP.

Brian Grim’s bio at RFP.

Ani Sarkissian’s bio at RFP.

Hans Ucko’s bio at RFP.


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Religious Liberty & Political Flourishing: A Panel Discussion.

Allen Hertzke on Religious Liberty.

Brian Grim on Religious Liberty and Business.

Ani Sarkissian on Religious Liberty in the Post-Soviet World.

Ani Sarkissian on Politics and Religious Civil Society in Turkey.

Allison Pond on Being a Mormon Missionary.

Darren Slade on Missionizing North Korea.

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