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Date: August 12th, 2018

My favorite sociologist of religion checks in at #6 of the Top Twelve Podcasts explaining the positive benefits of religious belief for society.

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Date: August 5th, 2018

Modern social media is a wondrous thing.  Without it, this podcast would have never come into being, and it is unlikely that I would have been able to find half of my guests.  Many of my ideas for shows were culled from posts I saw on Facebook, Twitter, or  internet news and scholarly feeds I […]

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Date: July 29th, 2018

I owe a great deal professionally to the work of Larry Iannaccone, a professor of economics at Chapman University as he played a pivotal role in my intellectual development, putting me on a research course that landed me where I am today.  We recount some of our adventures in this podcast, including how I first […]

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Date: July 22nd, 2018

Prof. Carmel Chiswick (George Washington University) is a scholar’s scholar.  Dr. Chiswick is an economist to be reckoned with when it comes to what we usually think about when we talk economics (e.g., labor policy), but she also has the intellectual breadth to be able to address topics outside of the narrow confines of academically-defined […]

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Date: July 15th, 2018

This was the very first podcast episode we aired and the second interview that I conducted.  I learned of Prof. Karrie Koesel (of the University of Oregon at the time, now at Notre Dame) when I was asked to review grant proposals for a Templeton Fund Initiative.  To discover that there was a young scholar […]

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Date: July 8th, 2018

Coming in at #11, we have Pastor Matt Boswell who found himself in the position of having to set up a church, with physical location and tithing baskets, all within one week’s time. Did he do it? Listen and find out.

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Date: July 1st, 2018

When I first started this podcast back in 2010, I was just coming off the publication of my book The Political Origins of Religious Liberty and had a renewed fascination with American colonial history.  Given that our podcast was beginning in June of 2010, I thought having a regular series about religion and US history […]

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Date: June 24th, 2018

After eight years and 372 unique episodes, we hang up the microphone and say goodbye to our guests and listeners. A short, ten-minute monologue by Tony explains why and what is to come.

Please return for the next three months to see Tony’s Top Twelve favorite episodes and short written discussions about why each one ranked the way it did.

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Date: June 17th, 2018

In the Bunhill Fields cemetery across from Wesley Chapel in London, there are three graves of prominent English dissenters — John Bunyan, Daniel Defoe, and William Blake. Our guest this week, Prof. Curtis Freeman (Duke Divinity School), encountered these memorials a few years back and he was sent on a scholarly journey that investigated the role of “undomesticated dissent” in British and American history. He shares his findings and why a deeper understanding of these three writers are important for the context of democratic governance.

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Date: June 10th, 2018

One of the unsung heroes of religious liberty in the United States is Isaac Backus. Dr. Brandon O’Brien (Redeemer City to City) explores the life and struggles of this colonial preacher and fighter for religious liberty, showing how Backus was able to thread the needle between government endorsed religion and a secular society.

Stay tuned for a big announcement.

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